Getting your carpets cleaned is in itself ‘Green’ as it prolongs the life of your carpets. At Cotswold Carpet Cleaners we use a fantastic range of ‘Green’ or environmentally friendly products which do not have harsh chemicals in them which are not only bad for the environment but can have detrimental effects to the indoor air quality of your home or workspace. The  Green carpet cleaning products we use have fantastic result in getting your carpets clean and fresh whilst also being safe for pets and children.  The green products uses powerful natural-molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques which clean down to nanotechnology which are safe to use on wool carpets.

We can also clean rugs, carpets and upholstery  at our premises with the electricity coming from the solar panels on our roof which makes for the ultimate green carpet clean as it is totally carbon neutral. We aim to be running zero carbon by 2030 but in the mean time we offset the carbon that we cannot eliminate with the gold standard offsetting from Ecologi