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Cotswold carpet cleaners are continually looking for ways to improve both carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Outlined below is by far our most popular method, hot water extraction. However following our inspection it may be that a low moisture clean is more suitable for the material and/or your situation, we offer several advanced methods to clean even the most delicate materials.

We are proud to be a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) which is the only nationally recognised trade association in the industry. Every one of its members holds a recognised qualification, is fully insured for their work and can provide the highest standards of service and professionalism within the industry. Members are required to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice, which covers such specifics as fair pricing, service, complaints procedures, liability and consumer protection, and is designed to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. All members are expected to provide a fair deal for their customers, summed up by the NCCA motto, “Service with integrity”.

We recommend applying protection following a deep clean or even better from new, to extend the life of your valuable materials, to resist stains and aid in cleaning.

The majority of carpets are made from wool, synthetics or a mixture of both. Hot water extraction cleaning (commonly known as steam cleaning) is generally considered throughout the industry as the most effective approach. We have been trained by the best in the industry and are always looking for the latest products and methods to remove the inevitable spots and stains, we also offer antibacterial, deodorising and insecticide treatments.  

Cotswold Carpet Cleaners

Our process


We thoroughly inspect all areas to be cleaned with our customer to determine the material and their cleaning needs and identify any areas that may require special attention.


A thorough dry vacuum with our professional vacuum cleaner starts the cleaning process as 75% of dirt in carpets is dry material which can be removed before the following steps.


We use a high-pressure spraying system to apply the cleaning agent followed by agitation which penetrates deep into the carpet fibre to help loosen and suspend the embedded soils.


We will pay attention to any spots and stains with our expertise to remove the problem without causing further damage to the materials, although we cannot promise to remove every stain if we are unable to remove then no one else will.


In conjunction with our hot water extraction unit, our rinsing agent is sprayed at pressure into the carpet fibres and recovered immediately carrying the soil from your carpet and upholstery leaving them clean, soft and virtually residue free.


With our specialist fans that bring the warm air down and spread it over the carpet we can have your carpets dry in a few hours to minimise disruption.


We thoroughly groom the carpet fibre to enhance the appearance. Grooming helps to expedite the drying time, allowing our customers to walk on their carpet sooner.


We invite our customers to personally perform a walk-through inspection with our technician to ensure that all service needs are completed to their satisfaction.

Cotswold Carpet Cleaners

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