Moth and flea treatment

Do you have a problem with carpet moth’s or a flea infestation? Or simply required to have your house treated for flea’s at the end of your rental tenancy?

Cotswold Carpet Cleaners can help, we have been trained and carry full certification in the safe use of pesticides so that we can safely and effectively treat your carpets or rugs for any insect problem you may.

The carpet moth (Trichophaga tapetzella) is a real menace and can quickly do a lot of damage to your fine wool carpet, rugs or furnishings. In fact it is not the actual moth which does the damage but the larvae. Each female moth can lay around 200 eggs which it will find quite, dark and undisturbed areas, typically around the edges of the room, under furniture and curtains. Look out for the tell tale signs of the white cocoons which are about the size of a grain of rice. The larvae which can live up to 2 years spend the winter months feeding on natural fibres.  If you spot these or have noticed moths flying around through Spring to Autumn then feel free to call us and we can discuss the best way to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand

Office Carpet Cleaning

Commercial & office carpet. Cleaning in Fairford, Cirencester

We will taylor an office carpet cleaning schedule to suit each businesses requirements. Depending on the level & type of use the carpets are subjected to we will insure that the carpets stay looking good & last as long as possible.

We offer;

Deep cleaning high traffic lanes with high pressure hot water extraction cleaning. ( Often thought of as steam cleaning). 

Specific stain removal for Tea, coffee, wine, blood, water marks etc

Fast & effect soil removal with low moisture techniques. So that the carpet is ready for use straight after cleaning.

One off cleans, regular cleaning, contract carpet cleaning, Stain protection, odour control, pest control

Please Get in contact if you would like to discuss your requirements in detail;

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Professional carpet cleaning in Cirencester

80/20 wool hall stairs & landing carpet in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

80/20 wool hall stairs & landing carpet in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

This pale hall stairs and landing 80/20 wool carpet cleaned very well. We used a low moisture cleaning method, meaning we could return the carpet to the customer ready for use almost immediately after we had finished the work.
Please let us know if we can help you with any carpet cleaning issues

Contract commercial carpet cleaning in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Busy day to day undertaking commercial carpet cleaning in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

We made an early start this morning so we could get the cafe & other public areas back in use ASAP after cleaning & stain protecting.

We use a low moisture method to clean the carpets to reduce drying time. We were able to fully clean, sanitise & stain protect the cafe carpet within an hour.

Commercial Carpet cleaning in Cheltenham

Commercial Carpet cleaning in Cheltenham

Commercial cleaning of banquetting, bar & restaurant chairs

Today we got the entire team together to get a big commercial project in on time.

banqueting chairs cleaned & ready for use

banqueting chairs cleaned & ready for use

We cleaned 450 banqueting chairs, bar stools & restaurant chairs to get this Cotswold entertainment venue clean & back in business in just one day! That is a record breaking upholstery cleaning achievement for Cotswold Carpet Cleaners.

We often get call up on to do large scale cleaning jobs at this time of year, during the winter close down period. But this was a record breaking spring cleaning effort.#

Thank you to all the team that pulled out the stops to get the job done!

Commercial carpet cleaning

Contract maintenance carpet cleaning for a hotel near Sapperton, Cirencester. We clean all of the communal walkways and staircases twice a year throughout the hotel.
We offer an additional call out service to remove any spills or accidents that occur in the interim period.


Carpet and rug spot stain cleaning

degradation of a carpet, and it’s only when something significant happens that our attention is drawn to it. It is often the spot or stain on the carpet leads to a call to us. We don’t notice the slight increase in soiling day-to-day.

You may have noticed yourself, when tackling a spot or stain on the carpet. That even if the stain itself will not remove, you may managed to lift some soiling around the area. leaving a cleaner patch around the stain. There are two main reasons for this;

1. Have managed to lift dirt from the carpet but not the specific stain.

2. The cleaning solution may have masked the soiling with the solution residue. Or in the worst case, bleached the carpet fibres with an overly aggressive chemical process.

The photograph shows a silk wool rug in Quenington near Cirencester, after we have worked to remove dog urine stains. Silk is complex material to work with, and urine can be very persistent.
In the foreground you can see two areas where the lustre of the rug is slightly different from the rest. This may be because the rug is still damp after working and well may settle.

However unfortunately when the owner discovered the stains she immediately reacted with a generic carpet cleaning solution, and possibly too much vigour!

It may sound pedantic, but it is always worth testing the solution prior to use on the affected area. Always read the label. As this may prevent you from making the situation worse.

If we can be any help with specific stains, please call Cotswold Carpet Cleaners on 077775944596

How to deal with a Tea or Coffee stain on wool carpet

Tea & coffee are a particular challenge on carpets & upholstery fabrics. They contain a natural dye; tannin.
The more they are scrubbed & rubbed the worse the problem can become.


Remove as much as possible with an absorbent white towel. If there is, repeat & continue until there no more coffee appearing on the towel.

Sprinkle a little unsweetened soda water over the stain & blot, don’t rub the area with a fresh area of white towel. Check the towel for signs of coffee/ tea. If

Blotting is direct vertical action. Pushing down, allowing the carpet to recover.

Do Not

Panic & try every thing in the cleaning cupboard! Many DIY carpet cleaning detergents will remove the colour from the carpet, if used incorrectly or to vigorously. A generic cleaning product may not deal with the dye from the spill.

If you want to try a cleaning chemical;

Check the directions on the label. Or;

Do so in an inconspicuous area of carpet. Check for any alterations on the carpet.
Then try a little on the stain with a white towel. see if it has any effect stain.
Don’t try more and more. If it hasn’t worked the chances are it is not having the desired effect. Tea & coffee contain natural dyes. So mat not be remove by general cleaning techneques. At this stage you will require professional help to go any further.

Call Cotswold Carpet Cleaners on 07775944596 for further information

80/20 wool carpet clean in Siddington, Cirencester

Busy day cleaning 20 year old 80/20 pink wool carpets in Siddington. Fortunately the carpets were high quality, so the cleaning results were very positive.

The property suffered from a damp problem making our job more iochallenging.


Rust spots had occurred in many places on the carpet were furniture had stood. We were able to remove all of the rust spots with a specialist process.


Because of the high moisture levels in the property we opted for a low moisture method of cleaning the carpets. This helped us reduce the likely hood of increasing the mould levels in the building. It also allowed the carpets to dry within 18 hrs, which is the recommended in the carpet cleaning industry.

All went well & after a few hours of work the Siddington property was ready to be handed back with carpets cleaning, dry & ready for use


Guess the location & carpet type

These two pictures are taken at the same location on today’s carpet cleaning job. If you can correctly identify the location we will give you a 10% discount on your next carpet that we clean for you. If you can correctly identify the type of carpet in the photos. We will give yo have further 5% off your next carpet cleaning job.

Good luck, look forward to hearing from you!


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