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Carpets in schools get a lot of footfall, spillages and general wear and tear. Regular school carpet cleaning helps prolong the life of the carpet by removing the mud that tracks in from the playground, a large proportion of this mud is silica (sand) which abrades away at the fibres like sandpaper shortening the life of the carpet.

School carpets also have allsorts thrown at them, from coffee, milk, juice, paint... Such stains need a professionally trained carpet cleaner to remove these which we have successfully removed from many school carpets to the satisfaction of all who work and study there. Unfortunately sickness in schools is inevitable and we have been able to deep clean and sanitise the affected areas with the most powerful microbiocide available, capable of treating norovirus, coronavirus and more. This not just removes the smell but the bacteria and/or virus from spreading further round the school, now more important than ever to have a safely sanitised school environment to keep teachers and pupils safe. 

The main deep cleans are best to be carried out in the school holidays so that a new term can be started with clean carpets. Rugs and upholstery, can be treated at any time so that stains do not become set in.  Carpets act as an air filter but also harbour pollen, dust and mold spores so if your school carpets are cleaned on a regular basis the air that you all breathe will be that much cleaner too.

Rest assured that as we are an Advanced Member of the NCCA and Trustmark we are fully trained, insured and follow their Code of Practice, we will provide risk assessments and method statements specifically for cleaning the carpets at your school.

If you would like a no obligation customised quote and schedule of works to clean your school, nursery or college carpets then please do get in touch now and we can arrange a time that suits you.

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