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Cotswold Carpet Cleaners offer a high-quality professional rug cleaning service in the Cotswold’s, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham and south-west of England.

Rugs have a far more complex construction than carpets and therefore need a more considered approach to their care We spend a lot of money on home furnishings. It is worth considering setting a little aside for maintenance as you might with a car. If not removed, dirt and grit will clog the fibres of the rug making it age prematurely.

Regular cleaning enhances the appearance and extends the life of a rug. We have extensive knowledge and experience of cleaning & restoring rugs in the Cotswolds.

Whether it's Persian, Moroccan, ethnic runner, large oriental lounge rug, Afghani rug or a contemporary item such as The Rug Company. Cotswold Carpet Cleaners will undertake a full rug inspection to establish the sensitivity of the item, and then the best course of cleaning. We have a very high record of success in treating fine rugs for wine, food and urine stains.

Stain removal from rugs can be technical and painstaking. The best course of action is to have rugs treated with a STAIN PROTECTION before the problem arises. This is an application that will give you the first defence against stains becoming set in. With a few simple instructions from us, you will be able to deal with all but the worst problems without having to call us out!

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With a little help from us, you will be able to keep your rugs looking great for longer.

Stain protection provides a barrier between dirt and your upholstery. This helps to prevent soiling penetrating the fibres too deeply. Increasing the effectiveness of cleaning. Our cleaning process helps to extend the life of your upholstery. By removing soil and reducing dust and grime, leaving the carpets soap residue free. The method we use to clean your carpet is dependent on the condition and type of carpet fibres, as well as the extent and type of soiling and staining.

While we’re with you, why not get your Upholstery or Carpets cleaned and receive a 10% discount!

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