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Can we help you with your leather cleaning needs? Cotswold Leather Restoration is the professional choice for all your leather needs, our technicians having been trained by the best in the industry.
Leather is a material which can enhance any home, car or accessory.
With so many types it is essential the right treatment used to restore it to its former glory.
Cotswold Leather Restoration use the best products and specialist techniques to keep your leather looking good and lasting for many years to come.
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Our Leather Cleaning Service

What we do

Our first job is to identify the type of leather you have.  We use professionally tested products to deep clean your leather. We then protect your leather with "Ultra Leather Protect" to improve stain resistance, suppleness and replace lost moisture and importantly re-nourishes to improve the life of your leather. With regular cleaning and protection, your leather will look and feel great, whilst maximising its life.


Chairs, Sofas, Leather suites and desks.

Keeping your leather furniture clean offers its own challenges with many ‘old wives tales’ and contradicting internet advice which may cause more harm than good.

If it's a change of colour for your new decor we have options available, just ask

Car Seats:

Car seats take a lot of wear and tear, we use specialist products and techniques to enhance your car interior and improve value.

Whether it's your favourite handbag, briefcase, man bag, leather jacket or motorbike leathers. In reality if its leather we can clean or restore it.

Re-dying and re-colouring:

If your leather has lost its original colour or you fancy a change we can discuss the options available.


Repairs, cat scratches, scuffs, cigarette burns, removing ink, tears, holes and even mould. You may be surprised what damage can be repaired.


We can endeavour to remove the smell of smoke and animal urine from your leather.

New leather:

We advise you to protect your new leather straight away, to improve the life and resistance. We can discuss a maintenance programme specific to your product, to keep your leather looking and feeling great

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